protects and
displays NFTs.

Certaintio™ provides
NFT creators and owners
with complete control over
managing, viewing, transferring, or sharing
their valuable NFTs.

Welcome to the next layer of NFT security

Provides innovative protection and ownership management for creators and buyers of multi-asset NFTs

For the most part NFTs sell in the tens or thousands of dollars. Typically, each NFT purchased is registered on the blockchain by the creator to establish a permanent record of ownership, sales and security. The main security is provided by the exchange that uses your secured “wallet” containing cryptocurrency and the keys to access the NFT.

Certaintio goes above and beyond by taking mutiple pieces of digital content (for example, an image of a painting and a letter from the artist), and packages them into a single encrypted file. The owner of the file gets a digital key to unlock and view all the content and to manage who else gets to share it. In addition, Certaintio adds a layer of protection by preventing any of the content from being altered. Users choose their preferred storage provider (such as IPFS) as Certaintio does not maintain any storage facilities.

Certaintio provides the same level of protection for NFTs purchased using conventional currency.

Single File Solution

Certaintio uses a patented process to assemble a mixed media file containing multiple assets into one package.

The package can be secured by an NFT, sold/traded on any exchange, stored at one location, viewed on any device and can’t be altered or duplicated.

One file. Many assets. Complete control.

Multi-asset Packaging

Certaintio can take multiple assets (photos, text, audio and other media files) and package them into a single file so they can be stored at a single location and viewed on demand.

A unique "preview wrapper" enables users to look inside the NFT file without needing to unpack it. Duplicating the file without verified ownership will only display the preview-level resolution and nothing more. Brands will appreciate our anti-alteration capabilities to maintain brand integrity and safety.

Blockchain Ledger

Certaintio uses blockchain registration to authenticate ownership in combination with "chain of ownership" information held by the exchange and used to control each time a NFT is unpacked for viewing.

Certaintio expects to make its technology compatible with all of the major blockchains and will integrate into the emerging NFT security layer.

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